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A Couple of Vids!

Worker 11811

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Found some fur videos on the 'net.

They've been around for a little while. You may have seen them before but I downloaded them and repackaged them for easier viewing. (Hopefully.)


The Fur Coat Club (Ver. 1)


The Fur Coat Club (Ver.2)


A story about two young girls playing a game, trying to find as many furs as they can. Vintage 1973. Seems to be a transfer from 16mm film. Super cute video!


Total length is over 18 min. VERY LARGE FILE!

Ver. 2 has been shrunk down to a smaller screen size in an attempt to help those with slow connections download in less time.


File format is MP4 video. Most video players should be able to handle this type.


If you have QuickTime on your computer, CLICK HERE for a version which will auto-detect your computer's connection to the internet and scale the video accordingly.


Second video: Milady Furs of Paris - Fashion Video


Again, you may have seen this one but I have scaled it down for easier download. Sorry, I only had time to produce one version of this video.


Let me know how you like the quality and if you have any trouble downloading.


Again, most video players out there should be able to handle them. The main question is whether you have the bandwidth to download them conveniently.

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My Ubuntu Linux machine from work plays them just fine. I click on them and "Totem" video player opens and plays them just as normal. I also have a plug-in for VideoLAN media player that plays the video as well.


Try downloading them to your local hard drive. Once there, you should be able to "Open With..." and play them with your chosen video player application.


You might also want to look into http://www.videolan.org

There you can download the free VLC player. Often times, it will play files that other apps can't.

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Thank you for posting this video and helping me remember a part of my childhood in the 70s. This was the first glimmer of hope that there were others out there that felt the way I did. The pure joy and attraction of fur. I didn't care for the 'scared straight' message towards the end, but it was nice to see the younger sisters enjoying the fox muffs near the end of the film.


For those Windows users that may have trouble viewing the film, I suggest you download the free version of QuickTime from www.apple.com. I also recommend that you right click on the link and 'save target' to download the MPG4 file to your local drive, then view from there.


Again Worker, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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I'm glad you guys like them!


I couldn't stop smiling the first time I saw "The Fur Coat Club!" I thought it was the cutest thing ever!


I thought the scene with the pimp was hilarious!


I've been doing some research on the company that made it. (Learning Corporation of America.) They went defunct in 1992. The British Film Institute has a complete filmography of the company.




There is also an extensive database for them on IMDB.com.




The company made several movies of a similar nature. I gather they were meant to be morality tales, of sorts. They've got several titles where the character(s) learn a lesson of sorts.


I don't think this was meant to be a morality tale about fur. I think the moral is supposed to be about how kids should behave in public.


SPOILER ALERT --> They sneaked into a place they shouldn't have and they got in over their heads. I don't think the scary part inside the fur vault was meant to be an anti-fur message. I think that part was just supposed to be about their imaginations running away from them.


If there was supposed to be an anti-fur message in this film the girls wouldn't have given their rewards to their younger sisters, nor would they have been seen in another scene at the end of the movie playing another game with more people wearing fur coats at the end of the movie. <-- SPOILER ALERT.


I think the whole angle about the girls not liking fur anymore was meant to be a commentary on the fickle nature of young girls' fancies.


I'm glad that a lot of people seem to be able to download these vids.

I was afraid that there'd be lots of complaints from people who couldn't download and play them.


In recompressing them I had to make sacrifices in quality in order to keep the file size down. I also had trouble choosing a file format that would produce a good quality picture at the lowest possible data rate but which most people can view. If I chose MPEG instead, more people would be a able to play it but the file size would balloon to over 100 megabytes. I could have chosen the new H.264 format and I could have made the movie smaller, still, but only a few video players will read it.


I do have to agree with you, B.W.A.S. about QuickTime. I believe it is the best all-around video player out of all of them but there is this mystique of incompatibility about it which is totally unfounded. MOST people already have QuickTime on their computers but they don't even know it! If you have iTunes on your computer, you already have QuickTime. (iTunes uses QT to do its work behind the scenes.)


A large part of the reason I'm doing this is to learn the best way to deploy videos over the internet so that the most people can view them and still keep the quality in acceptable limits.


So, if you have any comments on that subject, let me know.


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Guess what?


I was looking around on eBay and LOOK what I stumbled on:




The auction just ended... However, an actual film print of the video I posted above just sold for $15.00, mere minutes ago!


Gee!... I wonder who ended up with that print?

I wonder if he has a 16mm projector, a video camera and a professional quality DVD production suite at his disposal?

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