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Liverpool Street Station


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Hi Folks,


I arrived at Liverpool Street station in London on Thursday morning on my way to work and I saw a lady on the main concourse with a leather jacket with a really nice fur collar. I took a photo from the back on my mobile as I was a bit scared of trying to photograph her from the front as she was in a group. I have uploaded it and it is in the sorting bin at the moment.


Have any other English people here seen any nice furs or fur trims in that station or any other London station for that matter?


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I've travelled regularly through most of the mainline London stations in the last few years and have seen fur at most if not all of them. It's a rare occurence admittedly but when the weathers cold and travelling around the peak times you are likely to see a little fur around, and when it's very cold most likely coats and jackets rather than just trims. I have seen a few this year during brief trips through London Bridge and Victoria but have also seen furs in Kings Cross, Victoria, Marylebone, Paddington, Waterloo and St Pancras over the years. Indeed, with the Eurostar now terminating at the latter, that might be a promising site to spot furs with travellers arriving from the continent this winter.



Mr Mockle

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I saw someone else wearing fur last week in London on the tube / train.... in a hooded rex rabbit coat .... me


Well I saw some oldish lady in a sectioned black fox coat too from a distance. Nothing special though really, wasn't right part of London tbh.

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