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Another Movie Featuring Fab Furs ...


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I was going to ask why there were living in a "Trailer" but decided someone might actually think I was that dumb so decided not to...


Indeed. Should be interesting. Sad ending of course. We saw the axe. Though almost seems to me she was beheaded by a sword was she not?



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Okay, people! We've got FRAME GRABS!


All I can say is, WOW! If the trailer is any indication, there will be quite a bit of fur in the movie!


Nice catch, JG! " title="Applause" />


There are 11 pictures in the gallery, as of right now. Here is a sample:





Oh! And, just to keep things on the up-and-up...

This is a fur website and the pictures posted in our gallery are for commentary and review purposes only, regarding the possible fur content of the movie when it is finally released in February, 2008.

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Thanks but YOU're the one who found the movie. I just extracted the content .


BTW: If you haven't looked, go to the gallery and check out frame grab picture #5. It's the best of the lot, IMHO!


Can't wait to find out if the movie has as much fur as the trailer!

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