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Trebor's New SAGA Royal Blue Fox Blanket


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$1200 sounds reasonable for a blanket/throw of that quality and size. Looks very lush. I want one. My faux mink throw is nice ... But doesn't hold a candle to your fox blanket.

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Thanks so much for the compliments. It was a lot of work and expense, but I love it dearly.


I'm going to try all three blankets on my bed at the same time this Jan.


I'll have the Russian Blue Fox-King size , the Coyote trimmed with Shadow Fox 70X50 in., and the SAGA Royal Blue Fox twin size on the bed.

Might not get much sleep if I do.



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I got to say fur if anything helps me sleep. OK, there is the urge to play, but at night I'm pretty tired so I tend to fall asleep almost instantly. Getting up in the morning is a totally different story ... that is impossible!


I normally have two rabbit blankets (one is plucked and feels like rex rabbit), and two full length foxes. Occasionally I'll use the lynx blanket I recently got my hands on (which did cost and arm and a leg but I recently got paid for a big job thats given me a fair bit of disposible income for a couple of months)

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