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For Fantasy Models in Fur Fans : Which Do YOU prefer ?


Which Fantasy Models in Furs are top five ?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Fantasy Models in Furs are top five ?

    • Ally in fox
    • Stacy Moran in Sable
    • Erin Wasson blackmink furkini
    • Veronica Zemanova Big fur
    • Carmen Electra Fur Kini
    • Blonde silver fox
    • Veronica Zemanova Pink fox Aubade
    • Charlize Theron white fox
    • Aria Giovanni in dark sable
    • Carmen Electra in sable

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Do You have a favorite ?


Recent comments by ktaz, bunnyson2, worker and Off got me thinking about which Fantasy Models in furs composites/ morphs are most striking, appealing or memorable. I am asking this for the purpose of refining my creative focus and direction. I like them all enough to share them or I would not post them here.The fur den crew is a discriminating audience and unlike (site unnamed)where I first started posting these images, people have been very forthcoming with comments noting things they like and don't particularly like. I appreciate this.

Please note I am not going to change my basic themes.The fun of this for me is the parody angle and yes I like the irony of putting the latest Ms PETA spokesbrainwashee in furs. Parody of fashion models and celebrities is fair game too. I mean we are talking about a fetish here gang!


So. Now I am NOT proposing a "Hall of Fame " or "Peoples Choice Award" but rather asking interested members of the den to share their opinions.


Now one measure of interest is how many times and image is viewed and that is a valid indicator -however as the views reported are cumulative this measure tends to overweight those images that have been posted in the Gallery for a long time.


I think that placement in the Gallery also influences peoples interest. Some folks graze the surface others like to search. I am in the latter camp . I like the various sort parameters for images but I am also certain that few folks use the sort parameters as intensively as I do.


To see the whole Fantasy Models in Fur collection as it were : Go to the Gallery. Select the search tab and type in the search box "FMF" , check the file title and then click on search. You should get something like 180 images on 6 pages arranged in order of posting.


I have pulled 12 images including the most viewed , the most viewed within the shortest time period and a few that are my personal favorites that have more than 50 views.


In semi random order


Ally in fox



Stacy Moran in Sable



Erin Wasson blackmink furkini



Chloe Jones silver fox



Veronica Zemanova Big fur



Carmen Electra Fur Kini



Blonde silver fox



Veronica Zemanova Pink fox Aubade



Charlize Theron white fox



Aria Giovanni in dark sable



Carmen Electra in sable



Aria Giovanni in Sable




And now in an audacious bit of hubris for me (the acknowledged crash test dummy of coding*) I am going to add a poll.


Vote for up to five*. (OK! OK! It only lets you vote for one )


(If you must- vote early. Vote often. Whatever.)


You can note on a reply to this thread additional candidates or your personal top five.


Just for fun OK ?





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My top "models" in fur are not on your list


Laura Linney


Annabeth Gish


Alicia Witt


Carley Pope


Angie Harmon


Katherine Heigl


Laura Prepon (with red hair)


Lauren Holly


Gwyneth Paltrow


Lisa Kudrow


Salma Hayek


Holly Hunter


Tea Leoni


Claire Danes


Daryl Hannah


Jeniffer Lopez


Demi Moore


Jeri Ryan


Melissa Gilbert


To start with and all with normal to small breasts




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Well thanks friends Worker and FurLoverinFL.


Let's see Worker - "crooked " - Wait. You have a point -Stacy's right shoulder axis and her head axis are not quite aligned. Could be a forward shoulder thrust with momentum though?


Stacy Moran in Sable



Oh Wait . Something like this perhaps , might do the trick ?


Stacy Moran Sable delight


(click on thumbnail to seel arger image click again to see full size )


Oh Yeah! Stacy make my day


FurLoverinFL - Hmmm any chance that you have been reading that science fiction stuff again ? Warren Norwood and all that right ?




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