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New Gallery feature.

White Fox

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You will notice a new feature of our Gallery coming on board. We now will allow short fashion sales videos there. Now before you get your hopes up, virtually all R rated videos are copyright, and far too long to fit into the Gallery. However, we thought that you would enjoy a place to see these.


There are two problems though. First off, videos and computers are a problem with lack of standards, etc. Most people will be able to see these but probably some of you won't. There are just way too many variations to be able to make them work for everyone. However, if you have Quick Time on your computer there is a very good chance that you will be able to see them. You will notice a small video marked "Test". Just click it to see if it works. If it does, then the others will too. This is simply a way to find out if you will be able to see them without a lot of waiting.


The one bad thing is the amount of space that these videos take up. We will not be able to have huge numbers of them. For instance, we will not be able to have 10 blue fox videos. But, if you see a video you like, please just sent the link to either AKcoyote, or Worker11811 and they will have a look. We will try to post the best of these that you send us over a period of time, and indeed although we cannot save them all at once we can indeed alternate. As with the rest of the Gallery, we will be trying to post only high quality material.


This is the latest of a whole sting of new features on the Fur Den. We hope that you will like them and find them interesting and entertaining.


Any further information on this will be posted in our "Information Zone" forum. If you have any questions about these videos please post them there.


Further information is available Here... http://vdsden.thefurden.com/fdwiki/?n=FD.VideosRules


As with all of our rules pages, they are include instructions on how to use the area.


White Fox


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