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Today's 'near miss' Furry encounter


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Hi folks...long time no see.


I decided to come out of hibernation to post about a little encounter that occurred today...thought I could conjure up a short but true tale...but first a little bit of background.


Back in June when I took a coat in to be processed and stored I immediately fell in love with one of the jackets on the used rack and the next day I went back and bought it...but on layaway (I'm no moneybags I'm afraid). So sometime near the beginning of every month I drop by to make a payment.


During my past monthly visits the activity in the store was fairly minimal. Today during my routine visit to pay an installment the place was packed and hopping, with a lot of folks claiming furs from storage and a few folks browsing and trying on coats. The weather in my parts has finally turned nice and fall-like...might even get down to freezin' tonight


I stood by the door and played doorman for a few minutes until the crowd diminished enough that it was my turn to be waited on by the receptionist...all the time I'm observing the activity going on in the store...oh, the salon had some renovations done back in the late summer and now they have an expanded showroom with more racks of coats and other pieces than ever.


There were two very attractive women in their 40s trying on coat after coat after coat....between the two of them they must have tried on over a dozen coats while I was there, looking in the mirror and admiring one another's look...they were trying on some beautiful pieces....a lot of stroller length coats, minks of varying colors, many sheared minks with like collars or other type fur and shade. I remember a snow white mink jacket with what looked to have bobcat or lynx trim. the taller lady tried on a gorgeous sheared mink with Sable collar and cuffs...there were so many..too many to remember.


As I finished my transaction (I'll play show and tell when I actually take it home in a month or two) I walked over to the main sales person to say hello. As I was turning away to head for the exit the taller of the two ladies quipped something like "here's one for you!"...


I turned around, looked pointed to myself and softly replied "me?" She said..."Yes. It's mink and leather and reversible. I tried it on earlier, it's gorgeous. Here, I'll get it for you." She grabbed the coat off the rack and proceeded to help me put it on.


We exchanged words a couple more times about the coat the nI took it off.

I told her that I'm probably not one to wear fur but I'm more inclined to offer the fur to my future significant other so I can snuggle next to her. She replied something along the lines of "I like the way you think." and to that I reluctantly had to leave the salon and get back to reality...my modest salaried gov't job...


I had hoped that one of my visits to the furrier would yield some positive (but not overzealous) interaction with a female customer, at least someone trying on the lovely coats. I got more than what I bargained for, unfortunately I didn't see it coming.


Next time:

If I can make time to take some photos...I'll show and tell what one can get (a.k.a what I found...lol) for less than $400 on a shoestring fur budget...Some nice lady one of these days is going to be spoiled pretty good .


y'all have a great evening and take care,


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I'm going to pick up two of my remodeled furs this weekend.


So far at Ungar Furs I've had a few nice encounters similar to yours.


It's both fun and a bit of a thrill every time.




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That is indeed a fantastic story. I don't think that I have ever been in a fur store that was that busy! It is great to hear of others who have experiences like that.



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I saw that you were headed down this way to pick up your coat. Call Ungar Furs before you drive down and find that they my be closed on Saturday. They have had some protesters and didn't want customers to have to deal with the hassle. I found all this out as Horst's son called me at work with the details as Shelley and I usually go down on Saturdays to deal with our coats.

Ohhhhh, and by the way Shelley got the Bobcat blanket with White Fox trim and my new Crystal Fox Stroller that they made for me.



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I can't find it in the Portland internet news.


Not even in the "Wierd Portland" sections.


There is a College student trying to start up a porn club on campus and robbers wanting the Pizza not the money.


Hey folks ... that's Portland


Only got old news about Schumacher furs law suites when I did a search in The Oregonian.


It looks as if they are not getting the notariety they are looking for.



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Kevin -- Your crystal fox stroller sounds wonderful. Any details re: the design you chose? (Just curious ... I enjoyed participating in the design of each of my custom coats.)

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It is patterned after the Golden Island Fox of mine in my Avatar. It has buttons for closure though. We just got back from going out to eat and I wore the new coat:) I got lots of compliments:) Money well spent I guess:) All the attention I get wearing these coats I should have bought one when I was younger and single;)

I will get some pictures of the coat here soon. We have been busy with the dining room remodel. I've just about finished it. Though there always seems to other stuff to do.............

I was looking forward to the Winter with fur weather but we just bought a 1957 Chevy Belair that just begs to be driven........Now I can't wait for Summer:(

Maybe we can get some photos posted with us and the car:)



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we just bought a 1957 Chevy Belair that just begs to be driven


A leisurely fur-swathed drive down the Oregon coast sounds like a great winter weekend to me.

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Hey Ticklefur, thanks for sharing that. It reminds me of a related encounter in my life. I'd be a bit shy about walking into a fur salon. Besides there are none in my usual orbit.


Still, where I live, the summers can be pretty much like climbing into a waffle iron. Be that as it may, my employer airconditions the bejeezuz out of our workspace such that I actually feel relieved when I step out into the oven on completing a shift--I get to warm UP!


So my first summer working there, I caught sight of one of my co-workers, a latina from our bilingual department, walking towards the break room. Her jacket had this blue fox trim. I was dying! Now, once again in my climate, a full length fur coat is all but unimaginable even in the darkest solstice days just as snow is seldom. But this in June or July!


There were some things about that jacket of hers. For one thing, it didn't have a hood. So often the fur trims I see are on hoods. Rarely do I see those hoods up, so they're mostly used as a way of displaying fur. I seldom see fur collars like this, and this was special not only because it wasn't the most common thing, but also that it was right there around her neck instead of trailing down her back.


I saw her in it several other days, and I tried to keep from staring.


Then one day the boss was distributing company logo gewgaws in exchange for brownie point "fish buck" scrip us peons had earned. I stopped by the "fish market," said something about the abundance of fishbucks in my locker and my not seeing the item I wanted at the table.


A few minutes later, I was talking to a supervisor I very much appreciated but who'd announced her imminent departure. Not wearing the fox collar, the latina lady I'd noticed stepped up asking if I were indeed so-and-so. When I said yes, she said "Great! They said you had lots of fishbucks ...." I shut down. And I've regretted it since. I don't know what it meant for her, whether she were really just after an extra fishbuck or two or if it was my opportunity. Still, as I've ruminated about my response, I've become pretty clear.


My fur fetish wasn't something I felt safe talking to my parents about as a teen and young adult. I believed it was something that made me unlovable. Of course these have been implicit beliefs for a long time. Especially when I was trying to pretend I had no affinity for furs, it was easy as well to repress the possibility of such a conflict with my parents. Apparently, then, I believed that a woman who would have enjoyed snuggling with me and her fur coat would have been an unacceptable whore to them--heck, anything that would have made being with someone that exciting would have been dead wrong. I hadn't seen it so clearly until the aftermath of that one encounter.


I thought I'd come so far at accepting myself by the time I had that opportunity to start an acquaintance with a fur-loving woman. But since then I've determined my response was still about trying to make my parents love me and being willing to shoot myself in the process.


The real progress is in the insight as to what I might have been reacting to when I shut down, and that does show I've come a long ways.


Wouldn't you know; it's a life-long journey and at the end of the day I'm still myself. Someday maybe I'll be equal to some such opportunity. Meantime I accept my regret about the way I was then.



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Thanks for sharing...


I am a lot like you in some ways....very frugal for one thing, and up until about a week or so it was still unreasonably and unseasonably hot where I am...and I've been going nuts waiting for the weather to change....not so much for the greater abundance of fur, but just for the comfort of the climate and being able to sleep with the window open and such.


My little encounter happened so fast and so unexpectedly....had I thought there been any chance that anything would have or could have evolved from it, perhaps I would have been ready for it. The lady I saw could have been my age or a few yrs younger....reasonably attractive, tall and slender...but as you know, the furs she was trying on took her to a whole other level...she was stunning....and then to approach me carrying a reversible jacket..


It was like ..I'll play along and then slip out and get back to work. I would have never done or said anything too suggestive..I'm too shy for that with a stranger. I was so afraid I would have said something with a very good and honorable intention, but that could be misinterpreted. I never took the encounter seriously because she was so slender and lovely and I'm not...lol..and I didn't want to interfere with a potential sale by the store....As frugal and 'po' as I am, there still seems to be pretty good rapport between myself and the sales guy even though I'm not the affluent type that belongs in a high end retailer...I don't want to wear out my welcome.


I have to confess though that I've daydreamed a time or two about hoping the sales guy would call me and say something like...'the lady customer you spoked to when you were here wanted me to call you and give you her number. Her name is ____ and is very anxious to hear from you."


It's been quite a while ago, but perhaps I've read too many erotic fur stories . Anyway, had I really been alert, I should have offered to let her try on the gently used jacket that I am purchasing on layaway. After all, I had to have it and I'm saving it for someone like her.


Last but not least Frugal...if I can get caught up on some chores I'll share with you and others that occasionally a deal (or deals) comes along that is too good to pass up


Sorry for the long-winded post....hope all who see this has a lovely furry weekend.



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I have to confess though that I've daydreamed a time or two about hoping the sales guy would call me and say something like...'the lady customer you spoked to when you were here wanted me to call you and give you her number. Her name is ____ and is very anxious to hear from you."




I'm laughing with, not at you, tickle! Sounds like some of the foolish dreams I've sometimes wasted my life on. They could be harmless enough. But if I turn to them instead of dealing with life, I'm abusing them.


I also have to face the likely situation that a woman who might very much enjoy wearing furs could still think that a guy like me's just a bit too weird. If so, she gets to think that way. I have to remind myself that just because I see a lady wear fur doesn't mean she'd necessarily find my preferences when it comes to love making appealing.


frugal furguy

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I can't tell you much about this but I often had feelings like you do but they have nothing to do with whether I like fur. There's a whole different dynamic that made me feel unsure of myself around women but the question of "To fur or not to fur" played no part in it.


Basically, I think your self-doubt comes from some place else but the "fur question" is the thing you focus on because of some kind of transference issue.


Remember: 75% of the people in the world couldn't give a rat's a$$ about fur... Take it or leave it. It is only a vocal minority of the population who makes fur a political issue. The rest of us are actually attracted by fur.


I say that you should forget about trying to find somebody in that 12.5% of the population who like fur and just find somebody who is compatible with you, regardless. If you find a girl (I assume you're looking for a girl.) who really IS compatible with you the question of fur will likely end up being of no consequence. A woman who truly likes you will like you regardless.


Hey! And, who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky and find one who likes fur as much as you do!

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Yeah, Worker, you gathered correctly. I'd prefer being with a woman.


On the other hand, seeing I really don't have access to all my fellow humans' opinions, I tend to imagine the breakdown as more like 25 percent of the population cares about furs of which about 12.5 percent have passions of revulsion and the other half passions of attraction. The remaining 75 percent wonder what all the fuss is about. Fur could come or fur could go, but they know they like coffee or chocolate.


I also wonder how much the anti-fur hoopla has really to do with fur. I look at the grand coalition of the right. I see them parade around women's healthcare facilities with pictures of bloody foetuses. By embracing passionate foes of abortion, the right gains an issue that privileges a majority who never felt the kind of pressures that might lead someone to seek an abortion. They can feel validated in not being such a "sinner" and join the campaign to abolish said evil--as if legislating it wrong will mean no one will risk an abortion under less than sanitary conditions.


Combined with homophobia, the right has powerful tools to herd the majority of their adherants into a comfortable self-righteousness, sure they'd never want an abortion and proud they aren't queer. Other adherants, repressed homosexuals and people who've had an abortion or people whose seed led to aborted pregnancies, get to bathe in shame, and their idealogical home will always be sure there's more of the scarlet stuff to fill their self-hating tub.


I wonder if there isn't some need when you amass such a grand coalition to have some pariah group for the majority to compare themselves favorably to. By welcoming the cause of fur abolition, I wonder if the left doesn't fulfill that need tidily in one issue, ladling out a sense of superiority to those who either hate fur passionately or are indifferent and marginalizing and attempting to brand those who like fur despite all the full-color posters of skinned carcasses as morally degenerate.


Even though the left tends to see the right as the real bastion of outmoded puritanical morality, I wonder if they'd ever be willing to examine whether there isn't a trace of puritanical fervor in fur-abolition. So easy to see the flaw in one's opponent, so challenging to see it in oneself.


Believe it or not, this rumination does eventually loop back to what you were talking about, Worker. If you haven't already seen it, fur abolition aside, my political outlook tends towards the left. I see the right as a haven for racial and sexual bigotry, soft on torture (so long as it's an Anglo-Saxon or lackey of Anglo-Saxons and not a Muslim that's doing the torture), soft on pollution, and quick to see bombing as the solution to all ills. So when it comes to choosing a compatible companion, in areas other than appreciation of fur, I would tend to want to be with someone who values racial and sexual equality, who's willing to act as if we live in a fragile balance with other living creatures and to make day-to-day decisions honoring conservation. It would seem more likely I'd find such a person among left-leaning groups. But I don't thoroughly belong there because of this thing with fur.


And even if my values made me more at home among right-leaning groups, I believe I'd belong there fur-wise only so long as I was able to pass it off as something about showing dominance over nature and people with less economic power. If I ever let it be known that there was a sexual component, that'd be just too freakin' weird!


So like a condemned dutch captain summoning his crew of phantoms, I pull up anchor for another seven lonely years at sea finding no port to welcome my accursed rig--red sails bulging from black spars.


Maybe that's the lure of this pirate's cove!

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Y'Know, I think our beliefs are similar even though they may not be all the same.


However, I think you're focusing on the fur issue to the exclusion of other reasons for your insecurity. I know I often have similar issues. In my experience, it pays to focus on the internal reasons for insecurity than the external ones. If I do, I find that the external issues seem to be less of a problem than they used to.


So, in a nutshell, think about the reasons why you feel insecure around women and the fur issue will straighten itself out, or at least be lessened.

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