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Fur and Fetish


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Hi All..


we had some nice discussions about Fur and Halloween. The photos I provided were well received..


So now, how about Fur and fetish.. I have posted some hot pictures of myself in fur with fetish boots...




Have a look and let me know what you think of the style..


But lets not chat about it here in the open forum where we have to be carefull about what we say.. why don't we chat about fur and fetish..kink and fun in the fur freaks anonymous area..we can let our hair down there...




I am waiting for you..


I have also posted some images into the gallery area





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What are the conditions for gaining access to the Fur Freaks Anonymous forum?


A hidden forum for Fur Fetish discussions within the limits of the Code of Conduct. For admission, you must have 20 or more substantive (meaningful - not simply "Yes", or "No") posts in our other forums, 20 pictures in the Gallery (or a combination of each), or be a Sponsor on this site. You can request admission to the Fur Freaks group by contacting any moderator by email or PM.

Moderators wallee, FurLoverinFL, Worker 11811

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