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American Gangster

White Fox

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Went to see the movie tonight. There is a fair bit of fur in it. I would say, that it is a middle of the road or slightly better fur movie. In fact the best is a scene where Washington wears the chinchilla, and his gal wears a white mink beside him at the same time. But... that part is short lived. Don't expect to see a whole bunch of shots of the coat. One scene of that coat is indeed one you will not want to see.


Decent movie. Long as to today's standards. More like the old movies. And, although the first part is like the modern crap where they do not allow you to guess any plot as they make it so complicated (Mission Impossible???) they get over that later, and get back to making a decent movie again.


Not the best movie I have even saw as for fur or the movie itself, but far, far from the worst, and still well worth seeing if you like that sort of movie.



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Don't expect to see a whole bunch of shots of the coat.


That's too bad. Given the film is set in the fur frenzied 70's I thought it might have been featured more prominently. Oh well, I shall still check it out. After seeing the mindless "Marci X" for the fur value, Denzel and company should be a treat.

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Let's put it this way. Fur is quite prominent. That coat is not so much so. Maybe in the filming for four or five minutes off and on.

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