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NYC Fur Report:


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Let's have the current NYC fur report, as gradual as it may seem, from all our New Yorkers! I can't wait to get into the city on a free weekend.





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Was on a bus last Monday going down 5th ave. (buses are the best way to fursight) Monday was our first semi-cold day (high 40's to 50's) It looked as if woman can't wait to get there furs out. Only saw fur lined, fur collars & cuffs & hoods. But saw a bunch. And some real nice one's too.


Then when i was on a train heading home, 2 young girls (early 20's) walked buy me wearing identical rabbitt coats. 1 pink & 1 black. it took all my will power not to follow them to the next car.


but i took it as a good sign.


1. woman can't wait for the cold to get here to bust out the coats.

2. younger woman aren't afraid to wear fur in public.

3. fur seems as popular as all the reports are stateing.

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