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Article Re: the Evolving Men's Fashion Scene


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Although I don't particularly like the "Avoid the Puff Daddy look" part of it as that just shines of the old anti fur for men prejudices.


One other thing comes to mind though.

Go to a mall and look at the number of women's clothing stores. Then look at men's. How do men become better shoppers with no place to shop?!


It does quickly become obvious that men buy way less clothing than women.

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"Avoid the Puff Daddy look"


The article references secret luxury: expensive clothing that looks unassuming but feels like the corner office. so I think that's why it recommends avoiding (potentially ostentatious) fur coats. The concept is "stealth luxury" -- Luxurious clothing that doesn't scream "I am a luxury garment". Hand-tailored suits of luxurious fabrics with exceptional fit, fur lined coats, etc. Not necessarily a bad thing.

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