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Mr Barguzin

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Funny thing.


In Oz, we get a program from the US called "The News Hour with Jim Lehrer". At the end of some programs, they show a roll call of the dead troops "When details and images become available".


So, Yes, I do know that some folks are hurting in the states cause I watch those images and details in silence. It is of troops from Afghanistan as well as Iraq.


We also get programs/documentaries from Canadian Broadcasting, the Beeb and european countries with regards to those conflicts. And also from US Public Television. They also bring us all sorts of "conspiracy theories" and definite one sided opinions.


I know there are times when I may appear to be callous and unattached. Doesn't mean that I am, just that what has been said before either covers my position or I cannot find the right words to express an opinion without causing additional hurt. Hence I shut up.


However, if I think that people are 'overeacting' or being too defensive and reading things into something that is intended as a joke, I do have to wonder about my position here. ( No that isn't a retirement hint *grin*) See below) No country's history is perfect, no country is perfect, no political system is perfect etc etc... NOBODY is perfect.


One thing I have found here and at Melody is that it is very easy to sit down and type a blistering one liner, but to actually take the time to develop and argue a point of view is sometimes beyond the allowable time frame... and by the time one returns to the topic with clear head, well, it is too late to make the point as the post has drifted off into the ether (dropped too far down the list for me to bother getting back).


That thought proccess should also be applied by all moderators as well. I cannot possibly understand or comprehend every nuance of every post. I do not expect anyone else to be able of doing so either. The same logic appies to readers of my posts. Nor can I always correctly appreciate nor foresee any future development within a topic. None of us can.. well, maybe Nostradamus could *grin*


But, if we want this area to be open and free of any form of censorship, then we all have to sit back and think about what we are going to say and the manner in which we express ourselves.


It is the diversity within our family that goes a long way to making this place what it is. If I were to sit down now and express my opinions about many topics that cause me angst, I would undoubtedly be the first moderator banned for a month. Not so much for the opinions, but for the Ire they would generate within other members... and no amount of smiley faces would save my ass.


The aim of this forum is to allow the growth in understanding of our members, to see what else 'turns you on', to allow for growth through understanding of others opinions and ideas... and to expand your (the individual member) own growth in learning about things outside your normal sphere of interests (including fur). It is NOT a place to assault or insult KNOWINGLY. There are times when what is said in jest/joke/satire/irony will have the opposite effect. Should that arise, PM the poster first and see what/why/where the reason for that post. THEN post your reply.


I know "I come from the land down under" and therefore have a different perspective on many things (climate being the least of those *grin*) from the majority of members and also Mods/Admins. Sometimes it is good to be so far out of the loop, at other times it is a drawback (see callous remark). On some things I have a very closed mind... on others I am hm what's the phrase?? Oh yes... wishy washy. Actually, I see wishy washy as being openminded, but that's just me.


However, whilst I am moderator of this forum, you, the members, are going to have to live with both the closed and openmindedness. If it offends you ... PM ME!! or ask me directly within the topic. BUT DO NOT expect a kneejerk reaction.


Because I am not you, and You, thank G_d, are not me *grin*




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Very well put Mr. B. So let this be a lesson to you all.


Seriously though folks, if something offends you, don't go back at that person with the same attitude they gave you. This will only make matters worse (as was proven these last couple of days). Let someone else (i.e. a mod of this forum, or an admin., or site owner) know what happened and why it offended you. We're trying to keep a good running site here for all to enjoy, and without your help, we can't make that happen. So talk to us, 'cause we'd be more than happy to hear you out.

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Tolerance, patience, understanding, respect, oh and a love of furs.......

That is what must unite us.


(At least its shorter than Mr B's!!!)



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I cant fault the Afghans because they gave us POLO and gave the yanks smack


sorry for that blistering one liner


Golden brown...textured like sunnnnnn...hey earendil...what happened to thou lately on a weekednd....?

sprry snot druggggs with moi...ces'st une femme en vison et beaucioup d'alcohol.

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