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Surprised when I checked on my 401(k) balance


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So at the login page there's this kaleidoscope of photographs skating across the field. Most of them I find ho-hum standard slick ad agency feel good photos. But there was one that TOTALLY got my attention. Well, maybe it's better for me to show it to you than tell. Watch for one of the first photos to appear in the lower right corner that shifts towards the center before fading out.


Just by itself, it might not be fantastic, but given its setting--well the advertisers finally found an image to get my attention.




Now Meryll Lunch'll wonder why it gets all these hits from a fur-oriented site. Maybe that'll get THEIR attention.


Oh. You want to log into my account? Sure. The login id is Crystal5Fox2Rules and the password Dream8of&full*length. For reals! (Now what if by blind chance I actually did publish some furlover's login data?)

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Sure thing, Worker! If I'd known how to dissect that site the way you did, maybe I could have skipped all that song and dance about logging in to view my 401(k) and just shared the flash presentation.


Finely tuned fur radar, and memory. You bet! Since I was too young to be able to talk about radar as a aeronautical or nautical navigation instrument let alone as an instinct.

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If you use Firefox for your browser:


Just go to the menu: TOOLS > Page Info... then select the "Media" tab. You'll see every displayable item in the list on that page. Just copy/paste!

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