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Protect the Environment, Wear Fur

Cunning Fox

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Did I really say that?


Now that I have your attention, please take the time to read on and consider what I have to say with a great deal of open minded thought especially if you are unsure if it is right to wear fur.


Firstly my statement

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Cunning Fox,


I will take exception with one of your statements. For the peoples of the far northern latitudes wearing fur was, until the last century, basically a means of survival. Yes, fancier furs were used for status and adornment, but wearing fur was the ONLY way to survive the harsh climate.

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Your first point is a bit shaky but interesting.


The second point is definitively spot on and I practice this all trough winter with little energy consumption.


Your last point needs a bit sharper point to the spike. Fake fur is petroleum. It's like the plastic jar which is made from oil that would fil it to a third full. Not sure how many barrels of oil it would take to manufacture a fake fur. I'm sure someone knows.


The point of animals transported to foreign environments is a major issue in the vast environmental damage they can visit on their new ecology.


The Nutria most likely was the primary cause for the vast devastation in New Orleans with the Katrina Hurricane. They had undermined the levies which protected those neighborhoods.


The sad part is this. If every man woman and child in America had a trapped Nutria coat, a Nutria bedspread and Nutria seat covers in every vehicle in America it would make only a small dent in the Nutria population.


The Nutria is native to Argentina and was brought here in the late 1800's by Mr. McIlhenny of Tabasco Sauce fame. Of coure some escaped in one of the many Gulf storms and that was that.


Posted this before.





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Cunning, AK brought out a point that he noticed, but otherwise I do agree. That is a well thought out writeup and I want to say "Thankyou" for it!


I think that we should indeed put it in our Library...



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...how many barrels of oil it would take to manufacture a fake fur...




From: http://www.eia.doe.gov/kids/energyfacts/sources/non-renewable/oil.html


One barrel of crude oil, when refined, produces about 20 gallons of finished motor gasoline, and 7 gallons of diesel, as well as other petroleum products. Most of the petroleum products are used to produce energy. For instance, many people across the United States use propane to heat their homes and fuel their cars. Other products made from petroleum include: ink, crayons, bubble gum, dishwashing liquids, deodorant, eyeglasses, records, tires, ammonia, and heart valves.


(About half way down the page.)

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These points are well taken, but along with that is (from my standpoint as a fur buyer) buying fur supports native peoples and rural communities. I buy lots of skins from Inupiats, Colville and Yakama indians which helps to maintain their traditional lifestyle. It also reduces populations of predators that eat domestic livestock or sometimes threatened species. We often forget that most of the animals out there eat other animals without regard to their status in our eyes.

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An interesting note about predators that eat other animals:


I live near an airport. And, by "near" I mean that I can look out my kitchen window and see jets take off and land.


At night, when the airport closes, between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 AM the runway lights are all shut off. However, if there is a late flight, the runway lights get turned on again by a remote control in the cockpit.


Late at night, small critters like rabbits like to come out and feed because it's dark when the runway lights are off. Other animals can't see them as well.


But, when an airplane comes in for final approach, the lights get turned on.


That's when the coyotes suddenly seem to appear from nowhere and start chasing the other critters.


It's funny but it seems that the coyotes have learned to lie in wait until the runway lights come on. It's kind of like an all you can eat buffet for coyotes!


I've seen this happen two times in the last five years.

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I am glad to see this has got you thinking.


AK, I don't disagree with the fact that the human race would not have been able to survive in many cold climates without the use of fur, but my point regarding status is that in many tribal situations the chiefs were adorned with the best of furs available.


I had not thought of the effect of the fur trade on native peoples and find this a good point for the argument.


As far as entering this into a library, how would that work? Can it be edited as new views are brought to this discussion? I think already there are some interesting points raised here.

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OK Cunninng Fox, your post is in the Library...




***ALL Members... The advantage of putting a post like this in the Library is that you can find it instantly at any time. Can you imagine trying to find this thread 9 months from now in the Forums? Not impossible by using search but it is not easy, believe me. The fact you can find it instantly is a real benefit for you. If anyone wants a post put in the Library that you or anyone else wrote at any time you can go ahead and do it or we can. Just contact any moderator if you need help to do it.


***Cunning. You asked about editing the post after.


There are two ways to do that. With the way that you wrote your message, you left a space between the paragraphs, etc, so there is really no wiki code in the text of the message. If you wish to edit it just go to the message. Up top you will see a tab "Edit". Click on it. Edit the text as you wish, and click "Save" and you save it. To correct mistakes just press edit again and save it! Only thing to remember is to never indent (leave a space at the beginning of a line), and always leave a space between paragraphs.


NEVER worry about doing anything wrong in wiki. If something does not come out right contact me or any staff member. We can correct your mistakes immediately! We can even put it back to exactly what it was before you started. In fact, you can forget to tell us for 6 months, remember your mistake and tell us and we can still put it back to what it was when you started!


The second way to do this is to contact me and I will make changes for you. However, it is far easier for you to just do them yourself. You just type into the text as you are doing if you type here. It is exactly the same!


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me, Worker, or AKcoyote.


Hope that answers your questions.


White Fox

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