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The New Fur Freaks Anonymous Forum

White Fox

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You may have noticed the new forum now showing called "Fur Freaks Anonymous". We call it New, but it has been tested for some time now. This is a forum that is slightly more fetish oriented than the actual Fur Den forum. We realize that many of you do not feel comfortable to post some of your thoughts, or talk of your feelings in full view of the reading public. This forum will not steer away from our Code of Conduct! All of those rules still apply. But you will be able to know that no one is watching when you describe your feelings, etc.


Since we value the privacy of this forum, as well as other security reasons, we ask that every member entering it have at least 20 posts on our forums before you can enter. These must be meaningful posts and not just "Yes", and "No".


We would love to have as many members as possible in this new forum, but we also realize that this forum will not be for everyone. If you would like to join in, please contact any administrator of that forum.


We do hope that this new area will make the Den feel even more like home to you.


Have fun!


White Fox


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