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question??? (pic with adult content!)


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Why is it that in many pictures of bondage we see a woman bond on a fur blanket? Like this one... (note: this woman is partialy nude but not offensive!)




I ask the question about a tied woman on a fur blanket but the question is also for a non tied woman on a fur blanket.


Why is it that in many movies, mostly X rated movies, on the cover, in order to attract more or sell more, we see a woman wearing fur, but then in the movie, no fur appears? (how many of you have rent a movie only because the cover showed fur?)



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I'm not making excuses here but you do have to remember that the advertising and cover art and the video content, itself, are not made in sequence nor are they made by the same people.


This goes for mainstream movies as well as adult movies.


The director, the actors and all the technicians on the set are often working in one place while the commercial artists are working in a completely different place, making the cover art and ad materials.


In the case of mainstream movies, the trailers (previews) are made from the "dailies" (copies of film taken from each day's shooting on the set/location) while principle photography is still taking place. By the time the movie goes through editing and post-production, major changes may have been made and clips that you have seen in the trailers may not even make it into the final print of the film.


So, in the case you speak of, it is quite possible that the cover art was conceptualized and designed well before the video content was finalized. Further, the producer may have only had brief contact with the director and his crew so, by the time the movie is done the two parts of the project have a completely different look.


This doesn't even touch on whether or not producers of adult material (or mainstream material for that matter) are deceptive in their advertising practices.


I'd say that advertising for adult movies IS quite deceptive.


You are right in saying "Caveat Emptor!"

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I've rented a few xxx-vids just because they had a woman in fur on the cover. I just don't understand why a producer would place a woman in fur on the cover - knowing that the cover is what's being used to 'advertise' his movie - and then not put any fur scenes in it...



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thats exactly my point FurLoverinFL.


As for what Worker said, its true. Its something I didn't know about.


But still, how many movies out there show's a woman wearing fur, or surronding by fur and then in the movie...nothing?

Or worst, they show on the cover a nice white fox with a hood and in the movie the only thing you see is a brown racoon from 1970!



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In the adult movie business, I'm sure they are being "sly".


Directors, producers and graphic artists KNOW what the script is going to be before they start production. Even in the cheesiest, fly-by-night operations, there MUST be some kind of script, even if it's only a general outline. I have a hard time believing that a bunch of people just go out on location with all their equipment, take off their clothes and start doing things to each other's naughty parts in hopes of capturing something on video tape that they can sell. They'd be wasting money if they did it that way!


So, there has to be some deception going on, even if it's only done out of apathy.


In the mainstream world, movies have to be shot, edited and produced on tight schedules. The producers, et. al., want to have their movie in theaters by a certain date. They want their big blockbuster films to be in theaters by Christmas or by the time summer vacations begin, etc. They have to plan things out months and even years in advance. Therefore, they allot a certain amount of time to shooting, editing, special effects, and all the other things. Often, the movie is "in the can" only a week before it's supposed to be released. All the while the advertising has to be done in time to promote the movie, weeks and months before the release date.


That's why advertising materials (posters, previews, newspaper ads, television ads and all the other things) don't always end up being completely faithful to the finished movie.


And, have you noticed how vague advertising materials tend to be? They'll give the potential customer a general "feeling" for the movie and they'll tell them what genre the movie is but they rarely give any real plot details. That's because of the things I said above AND because they don't want to give away too much of the movie. It's a gimmick to get as many people as possible to see the movie. If you tell too much, some people might not want to watch.


Now... Take all that and apply it to the adult movie industry. We all know they are a much seedier bunch who are willing to play "fast and loose" with the rules as long as they can get away with it.


The adult movie-consuming audience can be a ravenous bunch. They always want to see the latest adult movie and they want to see it right away! It's easy to imagine that they would be on tight shooting schedules too. Just as tight as the mainstream industry, if not tighter!


Couple that with the constraints of production and the fact that they are often more WILLING to be deceptive and you can probably see why cover art on adult videos don't often show what's really in the movie.

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Why is it that in many pictures of bondage we see a woman bond on a fur blanket? Like this one... (note: this woman is partialy nude but not offensive!)furslave


OK, what happened to discussion of the first question?


Interesting observation......perhaps because it provides contrast? Hard vs soft. Mean vs caring? Perhaps the fur is used as a 'frame' for the scene?

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That could be it. But I dont have the answer, that is why I'm asking the question!


Maybe its for the actress only. In order to be place in bondage, the fur brings a little comfort!


Who knows? I'm sure someone as the answer.

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