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Nicole - wow!


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i don't believe that is real fur. anyone else have an opinion?


i swear i saw this somewhere else and it was either marked fake or was apparent from the pic.

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Guess I'm not as hardcore as the rest of you...Real or fake, all I know is the she's incredibly hot looking in it. For the record, I do prefer real fur, but only because the fakes just don't feel as good as the real thing. But you can't feel a photo, so to me, this is a great photo either way.

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If this [especially the collar] is fake fur then we need to abandon any debate over real vs fake.


I personally find it difficult to take this as fake. The guard hairs alone are far too random and the guard hair to under-fur is also too complex for me to accept this as fake.


It looks to me like a raccoon variety that has been let out and feathered.


The body of the coat is probably a thinck velvet though there are hints of sheared fur. It could easily be fake if it is beyond velvet.




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This is a composite. It is INCREDIBLY well done . The fur is real with Nicole added in the style of Tweedy.

Way beyond my skills, I suspect a professional (commercial grade) image artist did the job. The hair detail is PERFECT.





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