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New Pictures

White Fox

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Folks we have had a lot of new photos added to our Gallery lately by different members here. I do not want to name them in case I forget someone.


As usual I want to thank everyone here for the pictures you have presented for our Gallery and for your work in finding them. When you sort through our Gallery it is such a tremendous place. The photos are of such high quality. There are other fur galleries on the net, but few have the quality of photos that we have. Many include badly out of focus photos, photos with almost no fur, etc.


There really are a whole host of other pictures out there. We encourage you to not post "reposts" to our Gallery, but we also realize that it is very difficult for you to not do that and we understand completely if this happens. We hope you still keep posting every time you find pictures that you think are new. Hey, we would love to reach that 15,000 mark soon!


So, once again, we hope to see many more photos there. We encourage everyone to participate in making our Gallery the best Fur Gallery anywhere! And - once again - we want to thank everyone who has helped with that project. It is such a wonderful place now.


***By the way, we have a surprise with a whole new area coming in the near future. Watch for it. You will find it simply stunning.


White Fox

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15,000 photos boggles the mind ... But I'm game!


I posted a few more photos ... My technique leaves a little to be desired, but hopefully they are new to the site and pleasing to the eye.

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