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Furs in Florida ... Linda, Looks Like You'll Fit Right In!


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It might be chilly enough to break out the fur coat anyway because really, it's about fashion, according to Piotr Gawienczuk, manager of the fur salon at Saks Fifth Avenue at WestShore Plaza in Tampa. "Weather has very little to do with it." He is hosting the Zandra Rhodes Fall 2007 Fur Trunk Show today through Sunday. What's in this year, you say? Short cropped jackets, especially those made of sheared mink, sable and chinchilla.

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This is the area I am in, too.


I am amazed when I walk through the stores here and see all the same kinds of clothes I would have worn in upper Michigan.


I will just be happy when I can sleep with a window open.



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I met several old High School classmates this week who came up from Florida.


They complained about the weather a lot.


I asked them why they live there. The have retired and could live anywhere they wished and we didn't even talk about fur.


I never got a good answer. Certainly not one good enough to even get me to visit.




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In my experience Florida is a nice place to visit ... but wouldn't want to live there.


Now California ... I totally understand Oprah buying that ranch near Santa Barbara ...

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