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Your very own thread to have a go at us .

We will listen to your serious remarks, consider them fairly and then answer.

We will also give you an opportunity to have few jokes, and laughs at our expense here.


As long as there is no racism about skin colour etc, we are up for anything.


So come on...have a pop


Dont get mad...get funny!!!! Or even with considered opinion.


You cant gaga a forum because someone has eaecise their democratic right to free speech; as long as it isnt a personal attck.


SO go for it....BASH THE BRITS HERE!!!! (we asked for it!!!! )

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Why would citizens of two countries that are the closest friends want to hurt each other like this?


Since I have been on the Den there have been a few of you that have said and done things that were absolute attacks on the US and we basically have looked the other way. And, of course you were just kidding. Right? Bullshit.


There are those on this side of the lake that can match you in your "humor". And, I'll bet they can have as much "fun" at your expense as you have had with us.


So, then we can all hurt.


And, we can walk away learning nothing about each other.


We can now know that we have never really outgrown our Elementary school playground fights.


By the way did you happen to remember that we are all here because we love fur? Did you happen to remember how many people who care will be hurt by this?


Of my days on the Den, this is the saddest I have spent.



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Topic Locked



I appreciate the gesture, but things have gone too far with too many people considering your humor to be personal attacks.



I agree.


For a further explanation of my position see my post in the Only in America topic.



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