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World Serious

White Fox

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Ok. For all of those Long Knives out there in the USA who are just getting down watching the World Serious. The end of baseball for another year.


You know that game is so slow that I thought you should speed it up a little bit. What I suggest that you do is to have your folks play it the Navaho Indian way!


Here it is...


The "diamond" is set up sort of similar, but the catcher is not a catcher, but often is another pitcher. Imagine your batters trying to hit the ball going in the opposite direction! Fun eh?


The bat is somewhat the same shape, except it has a curved end at the big end. And the batter holds onto that end and hits the ball with the small end. It is quite permissable to have two or three batters up at the same time! Any batter can take a strike or two and just decide to retire and come back when he wishes. (I take it he can go for a stiff drink and then return after two strikes to finish his other two 10 minutes later!)


When a batter hits a ball (fly, foul, grounder, etc.) he runs to first base. Any hit at all is a good hit! No outs or fouls. Only rule is he must face the pitcher who is "Inside" the diamond. Similarly he runs on his forth strike. While on base, he is safe, but he may lead off, etc. Now then, the way to get an out is to touch the player with the ball when he is not on base. Just one out and your side retires and the other comes in. The runner may do pretty much anything to get to the next base. He can circle around to any part of the field (outfield, etc.) dodge, knock the ball from the other player's hand, slide, etc. The runner could indeed run through the pitcher's box to get from first to second base!


I really think that you folks should consider this for your championship. It should speed up the game considerably, and at the same time make it even more exciting for the people in the stands to follow. I will guarantee you they will never again go to sleep during one of those slow games!



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Sorry WF, have to do this


American baseball, a poor mans version of the elegant game of cricket except the bat isn't carved.


American football, a poor mans version of Rugby with added padding!




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