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Fearless rabbit


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Unbelievable!! I'm amazed!! Probably the rabbot was trying to protect its family members. Or was really pissed off. Either way it did it and the snake took off!! Wow!

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Indeed, Imax, we have not seen much of you for awhile here. Hope to see you more now that the winter is starting again. Always nice when our old members return after the long hot summer!



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I'm going to vote with Kostas. I think the rabbit was protecting its young.


Lots of people think rabbits are all cute and fluffy but they forget...



(Click the Picture!)


Rabbits can be downright VICIOUS!... Run away! Run away!



Seriously, I think most people have an oversimplified, "cutesy" view of rabbits. There is a big difference between pet bunnies and wild rabbits.

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