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It's Coming

White Fox

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Folks, I was just looking at the calander this morning, and realized how few days of "Summer" that we have left. Cold weather is coming!


Two different times I have been canoeing in snow just 17 days from now!


It won't be long until the first furs start to come out of storage.



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You are right, WF!!


It actually was comfortable when I walked this morning. Florida is beautiful here on the bay. The palms are wonderful in the breeze; but my, I miss the anticipation of furs in Michigan.



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Weather has broken here.


Dropping to the 40's at night now and below 70 and breezy during the day.


Trees are truning and sleeping under my fox spread.


I'll be wearing fur soon.



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Michigan had a nice taste of Fall last weekend in the 50s, but 'Indian Summer' has come with temps in the 80s this week. Seasonal temps are in the 70s and I am looking forward to more 50s and 60s in the coming month.

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