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fake picture support - help needed


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Hey guys...yes its me scaring people with fake pictures.....again!


Some of the pros here willing to help me with the face-light.....it looks

unreal.......im kinda beaten.

Here is what i got so far:



Thx !!!!!

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Assuming you're using Photoshop CS3:


Crop your Picture the way you want.

I cropped your picture down because I didn't want to waste bandwidth. You should crop the way you want it.


Use your Magic Wand tool or Quick Select tool to select the face.


Refine the edge.

This will feather the selection edge so that the area you selected will blend in with the background when you're done. That way you won't have a hard edge.


Adjust the settings until it's the way you want it.


Create an adjustment layer.


This is what you'll get.

Everything that's framed in white will be affected when you make your final adjustments. Everything that is framed in black will NOT be touched.


Use your color balance tool to make the face look the way you want.

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If you don't have CS3 you can still work. Most of the other programs have something like the functions of CS3, just not all in the same one-click format.


For instance, you don't have to use the Magic Wand or Quick Select.

Just select an area of the picture by whatever means you are most comfortable with. If your program has a "Magnetic Lasso" you can use that. If you just want to do it the old fashioned way and use the lasso tool to draw a selection, so be it.


If your program doesn't have a "Refine Edge" tool, use whatever method you're used to. It's up to you.


BUT... The layer mask is the key here.

Most programs have some version of this but they don't always call it the same thing. But they all have a method of drawing an area where a given function will have an effect and an area where it will not. Use your tools accordingly.


Once you have the face masked out the way you want, use whatever tool you think is best to alter the flesh tones to suit your picture.


I demonstrated the "Color Balance" tool because it was easiest. But it might not be the best for the job. In real life, I often use the "Levels" tool.

Use whatever tool you like that gets the job done.


The overall idea is to use a layer mask to block out an area where your color adjustment tool(s) will work. This allows you to adjust the face and only the face.


Tell me what program you're using and I might be able to come up with some more detailed answers.

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