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Video game systems can now truly render fur coats.


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If you follow gaming, you likely have heard of the Super Smash Bros. gaming series (link if you haven't). You may have also heard that the Eskimos from Ice Climber were not going to be in the latest game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Well it turns out Nintendo was just holding out on us. They are in Brawl.


So how is that relevant? Click on the links and look at the pics. You can actually see the fur trim on their coats. Now this doesn't do anything for me, except get me really excited for the possibilities in other games.

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Thanks! I hope it's furry - then I'll own 3 games for my Wii!




Again, click on the link in the second paragraph to see for yourself, although considering their apparent ages, you shouldn't be too excited about them for that reason. Be excited because they were such fun characters in the last game.


As for what could be done with such shading, I'm hoping for Zelda in the next (realistic looking) game to have an ermine cape. That would be so frickin sweet.

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