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Had a truly great day toda

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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I deserved one after a traumatic week.


Went to Portland again to Ungar Furs to pick up my Fox spread.


Great scenic drive with incredibly good 72 degree weather true to the song "The bluest skys are in Seattle". Mt. Rainier 'out' all day like a great painting on the horizon and the sparkling Columbia River rolling on and sparkling in the sunshine.


Several young women came in while we were visiting. I met Shelley and Kevin there with all their furs. What a closet full of really nice furs


We chatted up one of the girls. She was very friendly.


Horst was his usually hospitable self. He gave me info on Fitch since I have a jacket looking for a new Fitch lining.


He's doing an incredible job on my Timberland Lambskin/Lynx lined hoodie and the green wool Pendleton jacket with the Alaska Fur Seal lining. Looking forward to weraing both.


Seems THE Fitch farmer is in New Zealand. Unlike the carnivorous Minks which are not allowed in NZ, Fitch have a penchant for fish. New Zealand has lots of fish scraps for them to get fat and fluffy on. NZ gets quite cold in places as well so they get to develop prime pelts. I Love Fitch over mink any day of the week.


We went to lunch downtown. Portland is one of my most favorite cities anywhere with lots of very good restaurants and delies with lots of folks walking around on the weekends. Super coffee houses and much much more on the best pedestrian scale you could ever want.


After walking around for a while I took off for one of my other favorite towns .. Olympia and my food co-op. Driving slowly through town there was a bit of a breeze blowing into the harbor. Just stiff enough to blow up a few short, full skirts on a number of cuties. They couldn't quite keep them from blowing all the way up. Just like in the movies


My what a fine day and the snow will be here soon




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Shelley and I had a great time on Saturday too. I had just got back into town on Friday from working out of town during the week and was pleasently surprised to see OFF at Ungar Furs. We had just brought in most of our coats and blankets as our insurance agent had to take photos and visually inspect them so we could get all of them insured. I didn't tell him yet about the Crystal Fox coat that I had made for myself or the Bobcat blanket Shelley will be getting.

OFF, glad you had a great time. Shelley was happy to meet you as she didn't have the chance last time you were here. Maybe next time Jake's will be open for lunch.

One of the ladies that was there that OFF was talking about was having Ocelot Christmas stockings made. She admitted to having a fairly large collection of furs too:) Maybe one of us here?? Well, OFF next time you are down give us a call.

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