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Furs and Prostitutes

Guest freemetolovefur

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Very interesting article. However, I am not sure I agree that PETAs agenda is sexual rather than animal rights.


I loved this observation:

No woman I have ever seen decked in fur looks innocent. There is no getting around it. When you wear a fur coat, you announce your carnality, even if you do so quietly.





BTW, nuns do not wear fur.

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A very interesting article thanks freeme for posting. Relating fur to fetish in terms of power is an obvious subset of people who are into fur. I'm sure some here would fit that group but not I. Cruelty and it's association with fur have forever been used by the antis. They just plainly refuse to accept furs overwhelming sensuality. Yes a prostitute may see fur as a trophy and a of show control. Whereas a john might feel he is controlling the sexuality right down to what his prostitute wears around him.Don't both however have a sense of touch. Perspective is everything. .Whatever the case I believe Sacher Masoc and the book "Venus in Furs", quoted in this article, in general have been constantly misinterpreted by those who don't know what it is to love fur . What if Sacher Masoc's character in the book went through whatever he needed to, including some pain,in order to become her slave? By doing so he'd control the handling of her wardrobe. Including, primarily for him, her furs?. Beautiful rich dark sables as I recall. If you read Masoc's actual letters to his girlfriend, you will see in my opinion, that the back and forth seduction between them has little to do with power, pain or control.More so a joint appreciation of furs sensuality.If you read those, then read Venus, poor Masoc has been given a label so not in keeping with the true nature of the book. That people would interpret "Venus" in the way they have, says more to me about few people understanding the fur fetish or knowing of its existence . Reading the book from a fur fetishist's perspective it's not about "masochism" or need for pain, more so the pursuit of beautiful furs at any cost. I never read sable described better. Softest regards .Furomance

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I'm sync with your descriptions of both the prostitution angle and Sacher Masoc's perspective on pain and subservience. I don't think fur was a necessary element as those into vinyl show us.


Pain and bondage is just not linked to fur in any real way. PeTA will use any excuse for their 'argument' against fur, the vast majority are lame to fabricated. So anything they have to say can be rejected out of hand. Because of their activities they play right into the hands of big business and those who could care less about the environment. A substantial argument can be made on that single point.


My favorite description of fur as a 'socializer' is in an old joke about the couple who have managed to keep love fresh for a very long marriage. The guy comes home from a hard day at his job and as he's coming in the front door he calls out ....


"Honey .. where are you?"


"I'm hiding. Come and find me."


"Hey honey .. I have a present for you."


"What is it dear?"


"A Mink coat."


"I'm hiding in the Hall Closet."


An image I much prefer to a street hooker or Masoc.



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Confidence is SEXY, a lady in Fur is confident, We know Men are turned on when we wear FUR. Prostitutes need to stay warm too! As for Ladies who have had Furs bought for them by "sugar daddies" more power to you. Fur is expensive and if a Man wants to buy you a Coat, enjoy it!

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I agree Madison that it takes confidence to wear fur and yes that is sexy. Though all the fur & confidence in the world cannot turn an aging dowager into a fur princess. Is it really not how you aquire your furs, more why you wanted them in the first place? Yes we all get cold in the winter but there are plenty of man made materials that can do the job of keeping us warm. However you are right OFF smart women don't don a poly parker if they want to keep the home fires burning as it were.Softest Regards furomance

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