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Golden Oldies


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From Hollywood`s early days -


Pauline Frederick pictures







Hopefully the first of a number of posts over the next few days/weeks featuring actresses from the same era , some well known , others completely unknown to me!



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Ah, yes - The "good ol' days" for sure! When the stars really acted like stars, and dressed like they were stars! You didn't see Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth or Ava Gardner in public with stringy hair and no makeup, wearing torn jeans and flip flops or tennis shoes. Cary Grant and Clark Gable wouldn't have been caught dead with a three or four-day stubble on their faces and a stocking hat covering dirty, greasy hair.


In those days you saw fur, fur and more fur. And not just an apologetic hint of fur. I'm talking power furs. Beautiful, big and bold furs that often defied the imagination. Thanks for reminding us, furpunk2, of what the golden age of film looked like!


(One of these days in the not-too-distant-future, we'll have our picture upload area up and running. I think one of the sections of that area will be vintage fur shots like the ones furpunk2 just posted.)

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