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What song is this?


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Moderator's Note: I forgot the damn link!!!! Blame it on the jet-lag? I wouldn't...



It's been crazy this past few weeks. I now know that I'm not permanently leaving Roma, just subletting my little flat there until I can go back. Just one quick question before I go back to work.


What song is this? I remember it from my adolescence, but that's about where it ends. Those of you who have been to Roma within the past couple of years might find this familiar. If you listened to the solo electric guitar player in Piazza Navona, you might remember his five-song set.


1. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here



3. Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (the solo piece of choice for all Italian musicians in tourist areas...)






And I had to add this one from the place vicino al mio cuore,

. I wish my my video camera hadn't been stolen so I could share my memories on YouTube. The only real videos I have from Rome aren't of the best quality, but they might find their way online at some point.





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Never heard the setyou are talking about but I would say from the list there is something missing from Deep Purple.

Maybe "Soldier of Fortune" or "Child in Time"...

could I be right?

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Are you sure?


I just listened to the song and I'm not entirely certain...Parisian Walkway is a lot slower than this, and the notes are different, but the music moves in the same way...


Any other guesses?



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Your guy is improvising from memory.


Wait until about 3:00 into the vid. You'll hear the riff.


It goes, "La-de-da-de-dum. La-de-da-de-dum. Something. Something... Birds... La-de-da-de-dum. La-de-da-de-dum. I can't remember the words!"
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Hm. Thanks, guys. Il ragazzo con la chitarra isn't near as good at Parisian as he is at Sultans of Swing - I need to find a YouTube of Wish You Were Here. Why, oh why, did I not record him...why...


Allora. I finally found the Hare Krishna guys! I first discovered them in October when they were promenading slowly from the Forum down to Piazza Navona (where guitar-guy played). This is, as far as I can tell, in front of an Irish Pub between the two places called Scholar's.






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I used to live in Boston.

The Hare Krishnas used to do the same thing in Harvard Square.


They were kind of entertaining in their own way.

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So I'm resurrecting an old thread to tell you I found the song. I was at a bar the other night with some friends, and the band played it! It's "Europa" from Carlos Santana...


Marcello Calabrese in Piazza Navona:




if you can't tell, I seriously miss Italy today...



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