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hi fox lovers


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hi its alexisfoxx,


i was reading someone post about customer service in a fur salon i was curious which fur salons are the best for service and which ones are the worst please list the fur salon that are the best and the worst i dont know why anyone would get bad service in a fur salon because u have the right to have great service. i dont know if anyone has been to Rosendorf/Evans in tysons corner mall thats in Mclean Virginia, if any of you fox lovers been to Rosendorf/Evans please let me know and pm me or email me my email is [email protected]

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Welcome alexisfoxx


We have several threads going now with Kostas, Ungar Furs and Ace of Suedes listed as outstanding.


Not sure we want to get into "The Worst Dressed" category






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I shop at Rosendorf / Evans, and they are great. We've had fantastic service there. We walked in looking to just try on furs, and walked out with a lovely mink. Ever since then, they treat us like royalty--don't let them forget you--and from time to time, they set aside pieces they think we might like. Some we buy, most we pass on, but it's great getting in there and trying on the coats.


Miller's Furs is also great--their store manager is a lovely young woman, but most of what they stock is mink.


I highly recommend the fur salon at Neiman Marcus--we've bought from there, too. I would avoid Macy*s--very friendly help, but we were disappointed by the quality of the garments there. Most furs were of Chinese origin.

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