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They are talking about the prize on mink are record high this year and the last four - five years have been good. Denmark have 40 % of the mink market in the world. They produce 12 million skins every year.

The women in the end of the video been ask if she have a mink coat and she have one.

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Really great to see another new member here! It can be hard to tell here but I am assuming from your name that you actually are a gal. Great to have another here in our midst!


Welcome to the Den!



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Hmm, OFF, think I've heard of your itch for fitch!


Hey, remember how Touch of Sable defended the Chinese? Maybe it's my turn to step in. Could the price of mink pelts also reflect a waning in anti-fur Puritanism? (At least die hard fur lovers could thank antis for keeping prices down? Trust the frugalfurguy to come up with an unwelcome irony just when you thought the world was safe again!)

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