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A big thanks to Furboy- silver fox furs- partial nudity


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Hi to everyone..


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have an awesome silver-fox fur photo set going live on my webpage..




Nobody is forced to join the site as there are free piccies available to look at..


and we must all thank furboy1973..he gave me the fur as a gift.. it is truely beautiful...we met through a mutual fur site and now we spend many a day chatting about our shared fetish..he is a true friend...


have fun looking at the free piccies...there are some exposed boobies , so this set is for the over 18's


enjoy and may fur rock forever..





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Hey Brandy!!


Yet another amazing picture set of you draped in gorgeous fur!! Did send a congratulatory email a few minutes ago


Do hope you will be doing more furry updates in the weeks and months to come!!



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Thanks Uncle Joe.. got the e-mail and I have just replied to it....


I love the silver fox.. it is such a dreamy fur.. really thick and deep...


thanks again, kisses


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