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Fur N Denim Jackets


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Open-minded of you to share this, even though you don't see it as your type of fur fashion, JGalanos. I agree. I think I'd prefer a small fur like a boa, scarf, purse or muff that's self-contained than fur trims. Still, I can remember a moment when a lady I rather admired anyway first showed up wearing a sable-trimmed denim jacket. I didn't know this lady had such financial resources so I puzzled at how she'd come up with it. Having seen this website, I wonder if she actually got it through an independent craft business like this one and the sable was actually recycled from an old coat.


For someone with a handle like mine, if that was the story, it gives her jacket even more romance.


Thanks for sharing this!



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The product is nice but the site design is full of non-sequiturs.


On the main page there is a picture of a woman riding a motorcycle, wearing a denim and fur jacket. Then a few seconds later it changes to the picture of a cat.


Okay, I get it. The site owner thinks the cat is cute. It's probably her pet.

But WHAT does that have to do with fur jackets? Furthermore, what's stopping the naive customer from thinking that the fur jackets are made from CATS?


Further on in the site, there are similar pictures of tigers.

1) Tiger fur coats are ILLEGAL! (Rightly so!)

2) What does a tiger have to do with the product she's selling? There isn't even a fur coat with STRIPES!


O.F.F. made a comment about the eBay seller who put non-sequitur pictures in her listing.


Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."

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Honestly, this part annoys me:


"gDaddy Vintage Fur Designs does not in any way condone or support the killing of animals for their pelts.


We use entirely vintage fur in all of our designs. Our source of fur comes from a less informed era."


What a freaking cop out. They're sending the wrong message, but they don't mind profiting.

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I think the "vintage" fur craze got started due to certain ebay policies, in that if a fur is called vintage it offends less because it is someone elses "mistake" to have killed the animal in the past. A total farce in my view for sure. As to denim and fur, I agree that this is a wonderful way to incorporate furs into one's wardrobe the year round and that is always a good thing right?

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I'm torn. I agree--any way to get fur on to as many people as possible at any time is a great thing! The more it becomes fashionable and accessible, the more we will see, and the more people will fall in love with it all over again.


But she speaks the same language as the PeTA folk: "support the killing of animals for their pelts...less informed era" makes me think that she's not on our side.


Just my take. If she's the conduit to getting more people in fur, then I suppose it's a good thing.

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Spot on Freddie Fox!!!!!


If you read my posts on Ungar Furs and several others over the ecological plight created by missmanagenet of certain fur bearing animals.


Horst made several observations fully supported by copious data about Muskrat, Nutria, Beaver and Alaska Fur Seal devastations of our natural resources and environment that fully supports their widespread trapping and killing for fur or any other body parts they may contribute to other uses.


You could fully line every Levi Jacket in production with fresh newly killed Nutria and not make a blip in the yearly population growth of Nutria.


Throw in a King sized spread for every bed in Amertica and it might make a very small blip.




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"We use entirely vintage fur in all of our designs. Our source of fur comes from a less informed era."


Given that I started this thread, thought I would comment briefly on this. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I don't have an issue with people who don't approve of the use of fur ... As long as they are nice about it. I don't like green beans (yuck!) or smoking (did I mention "yuck"?) but I somehow manage to tolerate those who do (but if you smoke around me I may not be able to avoid giving you the evil eye and wishing you bodily harm). I simply ask for the same courtesy from the (unenlightened) few who don't appreciate the beauty and luxury of fur. If you don't like fur, then don't buy it. But don't demonize those who do.


P.S. I'm about to nickname someone "OFF The Nutria Slayer." Perhaps he will get his own series. 8)

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Mention of the superabundance of nutria calls up some stuff I've been reflecting on.


I'm grateful for JGalanos' comments about accepting others who may have reservations about fur. I believe that to demand someone change convictions on the matter either way is kind of like requiring a leopard to rearrange its spots.


Back to nutria. I believe it's important for people who buy furs to hold the fur industry accountable. Nutria, originally from South America, spread out from the Gulf Coast of the US after a hurricane hit pens where someone was experimenting with farming them. In hindsight this wasn't a smart idea or at least a poorly executed one. To me it goes to show that the fur industry isn't on a pedistal above other industries. It can go wrong. So long as we're locked into combat with people who don't like furs, we'll rally round the flag of defending the fur industry. It blunts our willingness to admit when it does wrong. My world's a bit more complex than absolute white/black, us/them.


At the risk of being taken for a traitor, I certainly do appreciate opportunities to probe nuances. I grew up in a rather rigid religious community, so I tend to get suspicious when certain thoughts are forbidden.


Still, I can understand the desire to congregate away from those who rudely or manipulatively object, so I'm open to feedback about how appropriate these comments.



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