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About Janet Cole's coat. I'm guessing raccoon with red fox trim.


Here's a question: How often when you see a lady in a fur in a movie or TV episode does she turn out to be a "good girl"? So often it seems to be associated with a naughty streak. People here agree? Is it borne out in life?



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I would definitely say that both men and women who are depicted wearing furs in film or on tv are generally the bad guys so to say, even if it is just to the extent of being rich and stuck up. There are exceptions of course, but majority rules.

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Hi, could you maybe upload these scenes in either youube or google? In Europe we cannot see streaming vids from AOL..




The main issue of this is - even if our american friends are able to see the vids...they are somekind of copyright protected (the vids).


Removing the DRM protection would be illegal....but is not impossible...a friend told me that......he got it from a guy named "Goglle" or somehow.


With this protection you cannot edit the clip to upload it.


Hey but you can give yourself a good feeling and save the hi-quality version to harddisk (its located in the aol cache - invisible).

Maybe some day you move over to the USA and enjoy the clip there.....

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