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new furrier


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Harry, if it is your site, it is OK. We allow one time announcements. After that, everything goes to the Marketplace.


If there is something you would like to add, feel free.





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Indeed... i'm the webmaster of this website.


Thank you for your kindness, i was so happy having discovered a forum about the fur and so many visitors from it.


In fact, i can made in France and export many fur creations like accessories (bags, scarfs, blankets, ...), coats, leathers and fur or any product of a trade mark (Gemmi, Grunstein, Akhesa, Christ, Artico, Soulis....).


On my website, there is just a little of my production.


Here are all the links of products :








Congratulations and thank you again all.

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Welcome aboard, Harry! It's always wonderful to have a fur professional join our fur friendly group! Be sure to check out the 'furrier's corner' section of our forum - lots of discussion there on the various types of furs, fur care and the fur business in general.



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Harry, I found this site from so many ebay hits. I will tell you that you probably should not count on a lot of sales here. But, it is as a great group as you can find, ... and, a safe home with lots of fans.


Welcome, hope to hear more from you.


Please read our rules under the menu option. After your original announcement, feel free to post additional posts in the Marketplace. This rule allows new announcements, like yours, without being bombarded with spam.



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