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www.43things.com is a website for people to keep track of the things they want to do in their life. Members can make lists of things they want to do. Mosty they list goals like "Lose Weight", "Stop Smoking", Pay Off Bills" and other droll things.


Other people can go there and see the lists then others can decide if these are worthy goals. Then the website can remind you by sending an e-mail. There is a place where others can comment on the items on your list.


I figured there needs to be an entry for "Have sex in a giant pile of fur coats."




It'd be fun if a few of us went there and added that as one of their goals!


Some days, I just like to make the merry-go-round spin backwards!

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Worker, I can happily check the 'Done that' box on this goal. In fact I enjoyed it so much, I've done on several occassions.


I remember the look on one gal's face when she watched me bringing in armful after armful of furs and piled them on the bed (I keep them in the spare bedroom closet). She started by rubbing them with her hand, then arms, face and finally started making 'fur angels' with her entire body as if she were swimming in them.



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