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Only in Australia

Mr Barguzin

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Some of you folks may have seen pics of what Cyclone Larry did to Innisfail and surrounding areas.


As it crossed the shoreline, it was a Category 5 (same as hit New Orleans) but just a tad more compact... and moving rather quickly... 24KPH, meaning that it didn't exactly have the time to really stir things up.


However it did have quite a deal of fun and games with property and farms.


(Americans... especially republicans who resided in New Orleans... LOOK AWAY NOW)


Our PM.. dear ol' Johnnie Howard was luxuriating in Melbourne watching the Commonwealth Games. The Premier of Queensland was in Brisbane, QLD. Both reacted quickly to the situation and promised relief... and action (troops etc) which were there within 24 hrs.


GW offered aid and assistance within 36 hrs, if required.


BTW Foxy.... at least you don't have to put up with pollies riding on someone else's coat tail.... or hiding behind Parliamentary privilege to destroy folks lives.


ToS: ah yes... anarchy.... the last resort of the desparate.




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I suppose you are right. Each country has their own messed up ways of government. Certain things just strike me the wrong way (Fox will tell you)! Guess I shouldn't watch the news as soon as I wake in the morning, but hey, I guess I should be thankful that I have that luxury.

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(Americans... especially republicans who resided in New Orleans... LOOK AWAY NOW)


Mr B, I know you believe that the root of pretty near all of America's problems lies with President Bush and the Republican Party. And if you believe everything you heard reported by the left-wing American press, I certainly cannot fault you, only ask you to be aware that there is another side to the story.


Ever hear of a fella by the name of J. Terryl Bechtol? He's a pretty outspoken comedian, author and columnist, who resides in Florida, which - BTW - has made gigantic strides in coming back from Hurricane Katrina, as the people in Mississippi and Alabama have. It's interesting that residents of New Orleans are still complaining about the help they need, needed, or never got. Anyway - Bechtol (better known as "T Bubba" on the radio) had some interesting thoughts about what might be the real problem in New Orleans. He included them in an open letter to Mayor Nagin of New Orleans as a letter to the editor of a number of newspapers in Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.


Here it is:


Hey Mayor Ray,


Let me begin by saying that I am a Senior Citizen White Male. I am not a bigot. I overcame that with the help of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a long time ago. I thought you were a little over bearing, a bit

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Hope you anad yours are safe Mr. B! Incompetence knows no boundaries or political affiliations....




...getting ready for the next hurricane season here!

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When youre all fed up of squabbling and realise that you were better off as citizens of the Crown from whom you stole the land give me a shout and I will have a word with Queenie


er....sorry...that was intended for the yanks not you ozzies.

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I dont know enough about it.....ask the Plains Indians.


Because actually it was their land come to think of it.


At the moment the British government treaty with the Cree in Canada still stands.


er...sorry about all this...it was supposed to be on the America post.

AND before anyone gets upset I am just teasing.

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BrGr... actually, I get my American News from Australian sources... and also papers, the net, and PBS.... can't afford Murdock's idea of journalistic TV.


The target was not at the recovery process, but at the raction time. I know that a different system operates in the States as opposed to here... but I do find it amazing that GW calls little Johnnie quicker than he addressed the American people about Katrina *grin* THAT was the point.


Furelli... aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yessssssss... I have been a good boy and not mentioned the Commonwealth Games... but since you bring it up... VVWEG... at 11.21PM eastern Asutralia Summer Time:


1)Australia 153 medals (57 Gold)

2)Engalnd 72 Medals (22 gold)

4) Canada 52 (14 gold)

8) New Zealand 21 Medals (4 gold)


Back to the US... One day, the President of the United States of America is going to actually be knowledgeable on history, and especially the effects of attempts to externally change governments by power. It rarely if ever works.


And now 'victory' is in the hands of future Presidents.


What's that line?? Oh yeah... Seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Why is it the human beings can not learn form the past?


Mr B this is not an American issue. Each takes their turn in controlling the world. Each eventually implodes. Another takes its place,


And, yet another does not learn from the previous mistakes.



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And I thought only the Irish did this...

A man has been electrocuted at a car dealership in Melbourne's north.


The man, in his 30s, had been changing lightbulbs on a cherry-picker shortly before 1pm (AEST) at a dealership on Sydney Road in Coburg North.


Paramedics have taken him to Royal Melbourne hospital in a critical but stable condition.


WorkSafe spokesman Michael Birt said the man had been on a cherry-picker and was changing light bulbs when the incident occurred.


He said the man died but was brought back to life by paramedics who treated him at the scene for some time.


The man was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital.

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Just a quick "Tech" note here. Mr B, am I right that voltages in Australia are 220 like in England and a great deal of Europe? These are far more lethal than those in US and Canada. Indeed our voltages here can and will even cause death. But many folk actually touch the wires to see if they are "Live". Electricution is very unusual. It is much more common in those voltages. It is even possible from the description that it was a high voltage light in a shop or store when they talk of using a "lift" and those run on 750 volts and by times even higher.


So indeed, it might not be as off beat as it seems.


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