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The Glamourous Life by Sheila E


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Last night on a latin cable access channel show on Cablevision in NYC was the video "Glamourous Life" by Sheila E. The lyrics of the song goes "she wears mink coats even in the summer time" and the video showed a VERY quick glance of a MINK COAT, high heels and a stunning lady stepping out of a limosene. I cant say I have ever worn FUR outside in the HEAT of summer. Does anyone know where to find this VIDEO. Anybody ever worn a FUR outside in the Summer?

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Jack's On W. 10th St., Maybe The Best In The City, besides if the stalkers are online, I dont wear Fur out much in the Summer.


Maddy, I miss our coffee house discussions, but should I be all disappointed? You said you don't wear fur out "much"...well, I wouldn't blame you for leaving all the fur in storage in this bloody dreadful American heat. But still, it has occasionally been getting cool out at night, and being a good Russian girl, you've gotta have a few furs around, right? Even in the varied weather in Russia, at least around Moscow, some fur has got to come into play when you're over there, eh? Then again, it's a big country. Let us know the fur-wearing habits of the Russians in summer!




Oh, yes. I almost forgot...this is going in the YouTube thread as well...


Sheila E: 'The Glamorous Life'; Aforementioned mink appears 0:46 sec. into the video.





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