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With apologies I take my leave.


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I must admit that I don't really comprehend all that has been going on here, and I certainly don't put blame on anyone; but it all leaves me with a terribly uncomfortable feeling. I'm afraid that I'm just not having fun anymore.


That plus a number of new complications and commitments in my life right now pretty much dictates that something has to go. And I'm afraid the only logical choice I have is the Den. And so I must take my leave. Permanent or long hiatus remains to be decided -- mostly by outside factors. I know I will miss all my friends here,but some things can't be helped.


I hope you found my posts and my pictures enjoyable. I leave them all for you. I hope when you look at them you will think of me.


Bye all and take care


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As a former NJ fur fan to a current NJ fur fan, I'll miss your contributions. As Freddie mentioned, we have gone through a pretty difficult time. Hopefully, you'll drop by as your schedule permits to keep an eye on the goings-on here. If you find things more comfortable, c'mon back, the door is open and the lights are on.



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I think I know how you feel. I often don't know how to explain it but to say that, sometimes, I just feel "All furred out."


At the very minimum, you should take a vacation from this place. Even the moderators have to do this, occasionally. It really does help. Once you have had a chance to chill out and take care of your other personal business, I'm sure things will seem better.


To be honest, I truly do expect to see you back, at least for an occasional visit. On the other hand, I really wouldn't want you to come back until you feel ready to. It is bad to try to force something on a person that they don't want to do. It is just as bad to force yourself.


Read the signature at the bottom of my posts. It has been there for over a year now. Only two people have ever written me to say that they understand it. I have considered changing it but, in the past couple of months I have decided that it will be a permanent fixture at the bottom of ever one of my posts, much like the Teddy Bears in my avatar.


The text and the underlying meaning VERY ACCURATELY describe the membership of the Fur Den. As of late, it has been VERY appropriate!


(Hint: It's in Latin.)


You know what I always say, Mr C: We'll leave the porch light on for you!

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