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Is humidity good for fur???

Guest freemetolovefur

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Hello all.


Is summer humidity good for fur?


I asked a furrier once if putting furs outside on cool spring nights was a good idea. She told me the humidity was bad for the fur.


Any responses would be greatly appreciated.



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It is important to control temperature and humididty levels during the summer months to preserve the fur. The typical conditions are approximately 40 degrees F and 55% relative humidity.


Humidity is one of the most important factors to consider in the storage of furs. Excessive humidity manifests itself in musty or moldy odor, and under some conditions, in actual growth of mildew, in extreme cases, the pelt of the fur can rot and the hair drop off. Even where the excessive humidity is not high enough to cause mildew, or where the temperature is too low to permit its growth, damage can occur. The pelt will absorb moisture from the air, possibly resulting in shrinkage, distortion, and stiffening of the pelt upon removal of the garment from storage.


Low humidity is equally harmful since dry air can draw moisture and natural oils from the pelts and fur hairs, resulting in deterioration.

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