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An important Welcome message!

White Fox

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Many of you know that this site has been the temporary home for the Wool folks from the old Melody Forums.


Well, I would like all to know that they have decided to stay with us. This is a great day for the Den and we would certainly love to give them a very great and hearty welcome!


We certainly hope that they will love it here! And we hope that they will feel welcome in our Pub, etc. Please feel free to post in the wool forum or have a look around there.


The moderators there are still Joe Al and Walter, and they will be looking after that part of our little site here.


Again, we would like to welcome you folks here as you come to join us. We are really glad to have you as brothers and sisters. And we hope that some of fur members here will go to say hi to them once in awhile. There are some really great folks there!


White Fox

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