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Fur members think in many ways


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Freddy Fox in reply to Auzminks post

Bravo! Well said, Auzmink! You have articulated what we all feel. This is the positive kind of voice we need in The Fur Den!


I was going to reply to your post abone Freddy Fox, but the thread is locked!!


You see what we mean!! As soon as things start to develop in the way some people dont want to hear, the thread gets locked!! Trust me guys this is REALLY dangerous stuff, and in no way reflects tolerance or understanding in the way most of you are expecting and requesting.


Very simple - just like the on/off button on a tv - if you dont like it, it's your choice not to read a post and reply to it. When someone else starts to make those choices for you based on THEIR beliefs alone, then it is a slippery slope that can only lead to trouble , as Tryxie and Furelli (possibly ToS and myself) have found out.


Freddy Fox - you comment on Auzminks post above - Auzmink does not have the facts and his post is based on false assumptions. All of this has nothing to do with member's posts, it has to do with behind the scene stuff. Tryxie has been put in a situation by malicious manipulation whereby she could never come back even if she wanted to. There has to be someone in this Den feeding maliciously false information to the mods, and even I have now been accused of something I am not guilty of. (which really pisses me off)


This is all about injustice metered out from so called friends, not intolerance. There is an important difference. My one word of advice in this world is NEVER give in to injustice against innocents ( for instance, as an aside, There may be some guilty at Guantanamo, but there are innocents as well. You guys should be fighting hard to get something done about this)


We would have liked to have replied to one or two of you via pm's because we are NOT malicious, or intolerant people. Just people who love fur and enjoy this site for the opportunity to chat, banter, and debate with like minded people. Fur being the common factor, but not necessarily being the only topic of conversation amongst friends (hence the den pub). However it is entirely evident that PM's are NOT private. And what is said on pm's is read by other eyes - be warned.


I told WF that I would not be visiting this site very often any more and to deregister me and remove my posts, as I will always support my friends. But now it looks like ToS is going to be banned as well I just had to post this. Unfortunately it gives the mods an opportunity to delete this post, so it will be interesting to see if this post is allowed to stay. I have already removed the pics i have posted in the gallery, as I am not prepared to contribute when in return you just get a Ceasar/Brutus situation


Tryxie, and ToS between them have done a huge amount of work for the Den, and it is a tragedy that this situation has developed. They are not expecting any recognition for this work. It has been done because like the rest of us they love fur. However there comes a time where injustice starts to hurt, and leads us all down paths from which we cannot return.


If anything I would say the intolerance comes from the Den. Some Members who are happily prepared to enjoy the work that these two have done, but are not prepared to exercise their own judgement in not reading posts they have no interest in.


And Freddy Fox, this applies to posts that are soley fur related as well. For instance I love fur, but I have no interest in those that enjoy the thought of pain to animals as part of the fur production process . That is their right to think that way. I'm not interested in sitting in front of pc's wrapped to the eyeballs in fur either. I dont mind people who do want to write about it, but It is my right not to get involved in those threads. I'm not into smoking, so I ignore those posts. I am into injustice so I get involved with those, I'm interested in the biology of things and ecology, so I get involved in those, and so on.


AH well I've had my say - I expect it will be censored or locked or whatever.........sad.........this was such a great site for ALL fur lovers, now it seems to be only for those who fall into line

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ToS requested that the thread be locked and so it was. ToS writes...



Complaining when mods take action that is requested by another member is a bit of nonsense, IMO anyway.



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As usual, completely missed the point FurLoverinFL, picked up on the minute, not the big picture. Only to be expected I suppose.


By the way - in no way am I complaining - just stating what is. - the mods do things according to what pleases them - not what the members (in this case ToS) request.


End of my interest here

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Furlover, that is exactly correct. I just want to add that there is no way to delete posts here like that without doing days of work. If you make a post here, it is here to stay.


The only way to switch a member off is to do something that is really banning them. Therefore we do not do it. In this case for instance the member posting has never been banned.


That is why the membership has not been turned off and messages removed. There is really no way to do it without banning them as you folks understand it.


Quote from TOS as to why his thread was locked.


STFU and let me leave then. CLOSE THE THREAD MODS !



Mods must honor requests like that unless there is reason not to. If a member asks for a thread to be locked then mods have no choice.


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I started that thread, but really it wasn't going anywhere, so it really did make sense for it to be locked.


I don't understand why a discussion about fur has to devolve in almost every single instance to some political ranting.


I think THAT's what people get annoyed at. It's not persecuting a point of view, it's that folks feel the need to beat us over the head when we just want to talk about fur.


I mean, come on...we hear it less from PeTA than we hear it from some of our friends.

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I agree completely.



This forum is for discussions about FUR. Discussions, NOT arguments or accusations, of a political nature can occur in the Pub. Any topics that do not fit the theme of the forum will, at the discretion of the Mods, either be moved, locked, or deleted.

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