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What does it take to make a beautiful woman?

Worker 11811

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Found this video on the internet this evening.


(Flash player. Streaming. Be sure you have all your plugins.)


The model undergoes a pretty dramatic change!

No wonder people have a distorted image of beauty!

(Which is what the video is about.)

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But I was thinking that this is only HALF of what it takes to make a beautiful woman...


Roninphy?! Where are you? It's YOUR turn!

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!


You mean my old girlfriends went through that?!!!!!!


Now I know why they complained about me!




When I saw the title of this post I had to mention an old story. Around 1750 a fellow decided that most things including people were just machines. He designed a beautiful "Working woman". Working limbs, eyes, feet, legs, etc. And she was supposedly VERY beautiful! He decided to take her to North America to show her off. Loaded her into the boat, and when they were part way across the Captain came around to the room and touched her. Of course as women will do, this wooden woman moved when he touched her. Well the captain thought "That's witchraft. I will not have that on my boat!" So he threw her over board! She is still probably floating around some place!


And the moral of the story is... When you design the perfect woman.......


God, what is the moral of this story anyhow! Is there one?



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