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My New Coyote/Shadow Fox Blanket


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It is now proudly displayed on my couch in my living room...summer not withstanding.


Isn't this why God invented air conditioning?

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Just added links to your pictures to your post above.


That's a SERIOUS fur sofa you've created there!

You should have NO PROBLEM getting any girl to sit and snuggle on the sofa with you now!


That and a bottle of wine...

You've got it made!

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It's funny but it's also true! Maybe that's WHY it's so funny.


Seriously! I never thought of myself as a fur fetishist in any way, growing up. But I can remember several occasions when I just naturally assumed that there was fur in the situation.


I never thought of it as deviant. Maybe a little kinky. But NEVER bad or unnatural. It's just the way I saw the world.


It's only been lately that I really realized the way I thought and felt back then.

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Gasp.OMG.That looks so gorgeous.When you lie on the couch and rest your head on the arm rest,you can just lay back and use it as a blanket.Which part of the blanket has coyote and which has shadow fox.Please,mister,can I come round for a coffee,hey,please mister.

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furrycocoon, the white part is Shadow Fox and the brown part is the coyote.


Thanks everyone. Glad you enjoyed seeing the blanket.


It took awhile to put the trim on it but it turned out pretty well.


Next might be a Norwegian Bleu Fox twin size blanket...we'll have to see.



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