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That certain Fur Photo

White Fox

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It is interesting how certain fur photos will appeal so much to certain individuals. And on the whole it seems today that the ones that would instantly catch the eye of individuals are just the ones that often women would not purchase.


For instance... Furriers have mentioned that fox coats do not sell well today as they are too bulky and make a person look too big. But who could resist this photo.






Who could resist that picture? Or this one






Yet when they actually purchase today it seems every woman wants a black mink.




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IMO a black mink can pretty much go anywhere - from the office to the mega-mart to a black-tie function in the evening. I think it's that 'versatility' that makes it such a 'practical' fur - especially for one who may be buying the first coat.



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Also, a black mink doesn't scream "FUR" like a big, fluffy blue fox. Some women feel ostentatious in a big fur. More practically, they don't want to look fat, and as much as we try to convince them, sometimes they feel that the big fur just isn't flattering. But, if you look at the pics posted above, nothing could be further from the truth!

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