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I've been plagiarized!

Worker 11811

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Was just surfing the internet. Hit upon this site:





This guy ripped off two of my fur stories, word for word. Didn't even make an effort to disguise them or anything!


So, I guess I'm pissed off but not a lot. You've got to admit: Imitation is the best form of flattery! The guy thought well enough of my stories to rip them off!


I'm going to contact the guy and tell him to take them down unless he pays me. If he had ASKED I would have given permission for free, as long as he gave credit where credit is due.


If he doesn't, I'll report it to Literotica. Somebody there told me that they can sue. Even though *I* wrote it, Literotica still has the right to sue because their site loses business. (Even though that site is free, they are a portal for pay services.)


If you write stories and post them on the net, it would do you well to check the internet every once in a while and see if anybody is ripping you off.

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Your stories are definitely worth reading Worker, though stealing them without mentioning your name anywhere is wrong.


I used to indulge in a bit more writing and drawing, until the day I started finding my works being distributed under different names all over the net.


Threats were made, not lightly, and my work vanished off the guilty sites, but it has kept me from putting anything further on the net since.


I hope the matter is resolved in a better way for yourself.


I still love your stories. They're very inspired.



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