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Another Good Bye to all

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It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that it has become time for me and other UK members to say good bye to the furden.


I have tried to refrain from posting contentious material or discussion in the last few weeks in order for some wounds to heal that had sadly opened between myself and others and the mod squad here. I believed the dialogue that had opened would work.


Yesterday something happened that meant I could no longer keep out of this. Myself Tryxie Trash and Furelli and Ravens were accused of some kind of fiendish plot to attack the den. This is of course untrue. Other false and deeply hurtful accusations were also made against Tryxie and Furelli. These were not made by the whole Den, only by two individuals whose views may not be representative but nevertheless the extreme paranoia and viciousness of them make all our positions here untenable.


There are no plans for us to set up any other forum, though this may be a possibility in the future. Until yesterday I saw my future as being here, as did Furelli. That is sadly no longer possible. Until yestrday there was no "British Contingent". Now there may be.


I wish to make it quite clear that we bear no malice to the den and all four of us worked really hard on research and content but quarrels began over moderation of said mateial. There was also a great deal of opposition to what was seen as abrasive style by some of us, and over posting and inflammatory debate by myself.

There was an incident and Tryxie Trash was banned: she stood accused of something of which she was innocent and was unable to defend herself. We naturally did not agree with this. Furelli and White Fox had worked very hard to come up with a solution but regrettably that was not achievable.

It seems furelli's humour about this ending of the dialogue was not appreciated and now to he has been banned. I fully expect myself to follow.


I have deleted my own copyright pictures form the gallery but have no desir to remove what I have worked hard to source elsewhere, so leave a thousand images for you.

Please do NOT re upload my images to the gallery; respect my copyright.


I believe I have contributed significantly to research and content here .

Much of our discussion has not been welcome; to us a forum is a place for debate.


The UK has suffered enormously under political correct fascism over the last ten years and I no longer recognise my country. Those of us who have fought to defend fur have had to do so under considerable opposition

and intimidation by media, government and genral public ignorance. We therefore have HAD to be aggressive in defending ourselves, and with defiant stance. The good news is that the UK now has a small but solid radical and avant garde fur revival along with Europe; many British designers leading that.

With the explosion of Russian and eastern European culture into western Europe, it is an exciting time for fur and sexual expression.

It is my opinion that this is entirely at odds with the mainstream North American experience at least here... which appears to be a softer more conservative, classic approach to fur.


However, I have NO doubt that we all love fur and that should remain a common bond between us despite our departure.


I am pleased to have had some great debates with many of you and wish all of you the best.


Anybody who thinks that the amount of time that Tryxie Furelli and I spent here trying to build a strong International forum with incredible content unavailable elsewhere is somehow "against" the den is suffering from paranoid delusion. We tried to widen its scope is all; and that clearly was unwelcome.


I believe it is possible to "shut off" a members posts here. I do not mind if this is left a little while as there are some good links in my rambling and ranting posts that many members may like to pick up; but I do expect it done within a couple of weeks as it is clear that they were not welcome here. If I am not a member here I request my posts switched off for my own security.

I partcularly recommend all the links in the film noir thread and actress threads near them; and all the links to loads of fur pics in the smoking lounge. Also, if you have any interest in fur as a wider issue than purely egocentric there are many good posts on conservation and native rights.


I think I speak for Tryxie and Furelli when I say we wish you all the very best and any talk of "treason and plot" is just so far fetched it beggars belief. It is time now to stop such nonsense talk and respect one anothers

space and integrity.

I have hoisted the Jolly Roger as a fun way of getting at anyone who thinks we are some kind of pirates, and because I have no interest in flying the colours of my own nation which I despise under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Patriotism over right and wrong is evil. So it will do for now as our colours; I trust we can leave with thse colours high as a goodbye and goodluck from those who have been expelled to all.

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Just wanted to wish you folks good luck with your new site TOS...


Folks, in case you didn't know they have a new site coming on soon.



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