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JGalanos how was your vacation?


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Thanks, Linda. (And what was that about moving to Florida???)


Vacation was nice and low key. I had family in last week from out of state. We spent two days in Chicago (taking in a Cubs game among other things), spent another day at the beach, played a few rounds of miniature golf (Have I mentioned my miniature golf addiction? It's like fur salons and Teavana stores -- If I see one I am compelled to stop and go in!), and shared some great meals and conversations. A nice change of pace ... Family is very important to me.

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Welcome back.


For me it's record stores [12" vinyl type], Bakeries [small neighborhood type] and Fur Salons.




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Bakeries [small neighborhood type]


I totally get the bakery thing. Enter, take a deep breath ... And likely leave 10 minutes later with a small white bag you did not walk in with. 8)

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