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Eva Gabor

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A question?

The other night Alex & I were in bed watching TV, just happened to be Green Acres, on TV Land.

I made a comment, that I would love to F*** her when they showed Eva in a satin robe trimmed in white fox(by the way, I think she is 1 of the most beautiful women in the world EVER). This was 1 of the major influences to my fur fetish when I was growing up, and still gets me going today(I watch it when ever I can)(isn't TV Land great?)


Alex & I have always been very open with everything. I think this is the major reason we have been together so long.


Did I make a mistake saying what I did?

Since then, she has been very distant, she thinks I want to F*** a grandmother.

(Maybe I do, But that has nothing to do with how I still lust for Alex, even after all these years)




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TV is a weird thing.


Peoples' IMAGES are what we see on TV, not the real person. Saying that you like a certain person on TV is NOT the same as saying that you like that person in real life.


I like Marilyn Monroe. But she's dead. She's been dead for a long time!

Just because I say I want to be with Marilyn Monroe doesn't mean I want to climb into a casket with a dead person. Does it?


The next time you see an image on TV that turns you on, instead of saying, "I'd like to F*** her!", say, "That turns me on!", instead. Then turn over in bed and give her a great big smooch on the lips.


See if that doesn't give her a different idea.

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Well said Worker....I could not add a thing.


the damage is done however from this incident....talk...talk...talk it out

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My wife and I have an agreement based on the old saying:


"Even when you chain a dog to the front porch, he still barks at cars when they drive by."


So long as the dog comes back and sleeps on HIS OWN front porch every night, everything will be all right.


I trust it would be the truth if you told her that seeing Eva Gabor in furs makes you think about being with HER. Right?


BTW: That dog saying works both ways, doncha know! As long as SHE sleeps on her own porch at night, she can bark all she wants too.

Barking at cars = OK.

Chasing the cars = BAD DOG!


That goes for both of us.

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Mrs. C's attitude is that she doesn't care where I get my appitite as long as I bring it home to feed it. By the way my personal favorite is Sophia Loren -- as she is right now!


Seriously I'm sure you can and should talk it out. And in the process know that even if we have been lax to say all of us here in the Den are very fond of you both, so get your relationship well as soon as possible.



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