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Just so you know.

White Fox

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Folks we had a great new member today called... maoasadaolympicchamp2010


We were watching them closely as we thought we knew who they were and they were up to no good. Turned out we were pretty much right though we never know for absolute certain with these things who the person is exactly. They fit a pattern exactly. The member turned out to be PETA. It fits an exact pattern of someone who has been trying to get in here for quite awhile.


We just wanted to explain why the member is gone.


I actually feel sorry for someone who has such a low IQ like that. They went to all that work. To register. To leave all of those posts and find links and all to prove they were a good member. Then to post the PETA post. And it was gone in less than an hour as I recall. And above that their IQ is so low that they actually believe that someone here would read their stuff let alone believe in it. As mentioned you do have to feel sorry for someone who is retarded like that.


Thanks all


White Fox

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